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Examination -> Grading Scheme -> Promotion from Std. XI to XIIth
p. Promotion from std. XI to XII th
Students shall be promoted to the higher classes as per the scheme of examination and scheme of assessment in Std XI & XII according to the G. B. S. H. S. E. ’s Cir. No. 41 dated 14/10/2011 and Cir. No. 19 dated 25/04/2012) which is as under.
The Following Nine-point scale for Absolute Grading shall be used in all subjects, both academic as well as School Assessment subjects with effect from Academic year  2011-2012 onwards.
Table No. 1
Marks Range Letter Grade Grade Value Description
1. 91% to 100 % A 10 Outstanding
2. 81% to 90 % B 9 Excellent
3. 71% to 80% C 8 Very Good
4. 61% to 70% D 7 Good
5. 51% to 60% E 6 Above Average
6. 41% to 50% F 5 Average
7. 33% to 40% G 4 Fair
8. 21% to 32% H - Marginal
9. Below 21% I - Unsatisfactory
Grades are to be awarded separetely for Theory and Year Round Assesement (YRA) components, and overall after adding theory and YRA components based on the percentage scored as shown in Table No. 1 above.
For passing a subject a student will have to secure any grade from A to G in that subject provided he / she secures minimum H grade separately in Theory and Year Round Assessement.
Theory : Unit tests / Mid term and First & Second / Final Terminal Examinations.
Year Round Work : Orals, Practicals, Assignments / Projects, Year’s Work, Class Response and Note Book.
A student who secures ‘I’ grade either in Theory or Year Round Aessessement seperately in a subject will necessarily be awarded ‘I’ grade overall in that subject.
A student for qualifying for next higher class will have to secure a grade from A to G grade in all six subjects.
A student failing to secure A to G Grade in the School Assessement Subject/s will be given enough opportunity by the Head of the Institution to improve his/her grade in such subject/s, before the declaration of final results.
A student is entitled for maximum six condonation marks for obtaining overall ‘G’ Grade in one or more subject/s after adding the Theory and YRA components.
A student declared as “Need Improvement’’ and securing overall ‘H’ or ‘I’ grade in one or two subjects will be eligible to appear for supplementary examination in one/two subjects only to be conducted not earlier than one month after declaration of final results and not later than 2nd week of commencement of next academic year and for which the portion will be the whole year’s portion. Student may be exempted from Theory or YRA component for which he / she has qualified.



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