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Principal's Message
Admission -> Instructions and Rules
m. Attendance
Minimum attendance necessary for keeping the terms shall be 3/4 of the day on which lectures and practicals are conducted. One day’s attendance means attendance at all lectures, tutorials,
seminars, practicals etc. according to the school time table for the day. In addition the students must complete, to the satisfaction of the Principal, the course of study, including lectures, practicals, tutorials, projects seminars etc. at the school as prescribed during the term for the class to which the student belongs. Irregular attendance or absence without permission may lead to diciplinary action and loss of terms. Whenever absence for the test / examination is inevitable due to unavoidable circumstances, student is advised to write to the Principal explaining the rea-sons for absence and requesting permission for the same. Incase of illness a medical certificate is to be produced.
Results of all tests, examinations, tutorials and practicals as well as the general conduct and progress through out the year will be taken into consideration in addition to attendance at the time of sending up students for public examination. The students who are not serious about the attendance should not seek admission to the Higher sec. School. Late comers shall not be allowed to attend the classes.
n. Identity card
Every student must obtain from the school office a Students identity card. Every student must have his/her Identity Card with him/her during school hours and Board examinations to be shown whenever asked for.
o. Scholarships and freeships
i) National scholarship of Rs. 50/- per month to those standing first/second, Third and in that order in Goa at the last S. S. C.examination.
ii) E. B. C. Scholarship : Those candidates, who secure at least 45% marks in their last annual examination at the first attempt and whose parents, annual income does not exceeds Rs. 4800/- are eligible for the award of scholarships
iii) Merit Scholarships to children of Primary / Secondary School teachers.
iv) a) Freeships to the children of service personnel (Junior commissioned officers and other lower ranks in the Army and officers and personnel of the corresponding status in the Airfare and
b) Freeship to the children of service personnel (Junior commissioned officers and other lower ranks in the Army and officers and personnel Fof the corresponding status in the Airforce and Navy) killed or disabled in action.
v) Freeships to the children of political sufferers.
vi) Freeships to the dependents of iron ore mine workers
vii) Freeships to the children of service personnel killed or disabled in December 1971 hostilities.
viii) Freeships to the Physically handicapped.
ix) Freeships to the students belonging to the Schedule caste/ Tribe.
x) National Ioan Scholarship of Rs. 720/- per annum.
N. B. The students should refer notice board for details from time to time.
xi) Dempo charities Scholarship
xii) Kanya Dhan scholarship, ST Girls students
xiii)Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation rewards & Scholarship scheme for pysically challenged students.
Instructions to the parents / Guardians:
   i) They should come personally with the students for the admission.
   ii) They should visit the Principal at least once in a term
   iii) They should keep a close watch on the behaviour and the study habits of their wards.
   iv) They should collect the progress report of their wards after each exam/test.
   v) They should encourage their wards to participate in cocurricular & extra curricular activities.
   vi) Problems if any may be discussed personally with the Principal.
  vii)They should attend meeting of Parents teachers association and make valuable suggestions.
1. The school attaches great importance to good discipline Disobedience, misconduct or misbehaviour or failure to comply with any rules or instructions issued by the Principal will be severely dealt with.
2. Students must not attend classes other than their own.
3. Students must not  loiter in the college premises while the classes are in progress.
4. Students are expected to take proper care of the School property and help in keeping the premises neat and tidy.
5. Students must always come to school in the prescribed uniform and their attire should be befitting to the decorum of the classroom.
6. Students will have to compensate for damage, if any done to the school property.
7. No person shall be invited to address a School meeting or form a society without the permission of the Principal.
8. Even for institute debates / functions, it is necessary to get the subject / themselves approved previously and such subjects  / debates should be held under the presidentship of a person approved by the Principal.
9. The students must observe silence in the school campus particularly in the library, laboratory, class - room etc.
10. Every student must have his / her identity card with him / her  in the school premises and during exams.
11. The students must give due respect to the teachers, other members of the staff and other authorities.
12. The Student may be called besides on the regular working days during the vacation also for lectures,practicals and other activities and absence for these will be seriously dealt with.
13. The students shall enter the class - rooms before the long bell is given at the commencement of the first period and at the end of the recess.
14. No. Student shall leave the premises in between without the prior permission of the class counsellor which may be given in case of genuine reasons.
15. Use of mobile phones is banned in the Hr. Sec. School Compus as per the instructions of D. E. vide no. DE/admi/511/2005.
16. The students should bring a note of absence or medical certificate in support of their absence. They shall bring their parents / guardians if informed by the class counsellor or
other lecturers.
17. They should not loiter on the verandah or come out of the class-room at the end of the each period even for drinking water or going to the toilets.
18. Absence of any teacher should not be considered as free period and students shall not leave the class-room unless instructed. The students shall accept any alternate arrangement.
19 Everyday the first lecture shall begin with a silent prayer.
20.  No disturbance shall be caused while the assembly is being conducted by the school. The students shall observe silence while the national anthem and the prayer are being sung.
21. Students may contact the school office/library/teachers only during the recess or after the last period.
22. Students shall adopt safety measures while performing practicals.
23. No personal letters shall be delivered to the students received on the school address unless prior permission of the principal is obtained.
24. The students representing the H.S.S. in different cocurricular activities shall submit a note to that effect duly certified by the teacher-incharge so that their absence may be regularised.
25. The students shall not play transistor, cassette player, etc. in the building premises.
26. Quarrelsome students will be made to leave the school even if it is in the middle of the year.
27. Any damage caused to the furniture, fixture, fittings of the institution shall be recovered collectively from  all the students
28. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
29. Regarding Vehicles :  As per circular no DE/Acad/Misc/Cir/38/01/1360 of Directorate of education Govt. of Goa. No student  without a Valid driving licence, shall bring a Vehicle to the school. In case any student brings a vehicle without valid license to the school, the Principal shall  detain the same and handover it to the parents. If the student repeats the same the  vehicle shall be handed  over to the Police.



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